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NOTE: Unit Owners are responsible for their guests’ compliance with all condominium Rules and Regulations and in particular:


  • Prior to occupancy; Guests are required to present a LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION signed by the owner of the unit upon arrival in the building.
  • No one will be allowed entry to the building without one. Guests must also sign a Registration Card upon arrival before entering the unit.
  • Unit KEYS must be provided by you to your guests.
  • Please notify Management in writing in advance of Guests arrival….providing dates of arrival and departure names, and number in party.
  • Please advise your guests we have a NO PETS policy at Clearwater Sand Key Club.
  • You are responsible for your guests, so please provide them with the Rules & Regulations of Sand Key Club Condominiums Inc and agree to abide by them. Only persons identified on this authorization will occupy the unit.
  • Pets – No pets allowed on Clearwater Sand Key Club property.

Vehicles – Motor-Homes, campers, pickup trucks with camper bodies, trailers (camper, boat or horse), boats, jet skis or similar water craft, or motorcycles are not permitted on Sand Key Club property.

By checking the box I/we hereby authorize the following guest(s): (Four Maximum)

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We ask that all residents take the below precaution to protect themselves, others and our community.

*If you are sick or have symptoms please DO NOT ENTER Sand Key Club common areas/Building and stay quarantined at home.    *Keep 6’ social distancing at all times includes: Attendants, Manager and common areas. *Wash hands and Sanitize often specifically after touching door handles, elevator buttons or other common elements.

MASK: Are to be worn in the indoor common areas.

ELEVATOR: 1 FAMILY/PERSON AT A TIME Please allow one person/family in the elevator at any time. DO NOT get on the elevator with others. Use a Key fob or other object to push the floor buttons avoid touching common areas.

SPA: ONE Family or Person at a time

POOL: 6’ Social Distancing and Maximum capacity is 7 people

 PLAZA DECK BATHROOMS: Owners are responsible to wash hands and not touch face and for their own well being when using shared facilities.

 PLAZE DECK: Owners are responsible to Wipe down and Sanitize Chairs and Tables before use.  Move furniture 6’ from others and keep a social distance on the plaza deck

 GYM/SAUNA: Limit number of users to one person or one family at any time with Sign-up Sheet is at front desk you will be able to work with someone else if your both agreeable. If you are 5 minutes late you lose your turn. Wipe down all equipment before and after use. If antibacterial wipes become unavailable because resources are limited the and residents must bring their own antibacterial supplies to wipe down equipment and show attendant before getting a key.

 GUEST: Guests/Visitor are to be limited. All guests and Visitors must check in at time of arrival and state unit#, Names and Auto Information. Visitors and Guests should be meet in the lobby and accompanied to the unit. Large parties or groups gatherings of more than 10 are not permitted on Sand Key Club common areas or property to comply with Social Distancing. Owners must inform attendance in advance of expected guests’ arrival.   

 DELIVERIES: Deliveries of packages /food will be allowed to the front entrance. No delivery personal will be allowed in elevators or common areas. If there is an emergency need contact manager Owners are to schedule any deliveries that required movers or use of elevator 24 hours in advance.  Until further notice.

VENDORS: Vendors/Maintenance/Cleaning/ people will be allowed. They must follow the CDC guidelines and adhere to social distancing and association posted requests to protect the community.  Owner needs to inform attendants in advance of any expected vendors and estimated time of arrival. All vendors must have a form on file.

 CONTRACTORS: Must follow the CDC guidelines and adhere to social distancing and association posted requests to protect the community.  

 GRILL: Limit number of users to one person or one family at any time. Wipe down all equipment before and after use.

 OPEN HOUSES: Are suspended until further notice

 REALITORS: Private showing by appointment are permitted. Realtors are to call 30 minutes ahead of any appointments so attendant are aware of appointment. Realtor must accompany all clients onto the property and sign in together at the front desk. Attendants will not allow clients to enter building without licensed realtor present. Realtors that have been given a Gate Fob and Key Fob to allow themselves in must still call ahead 30 minutes prior to arrival.


Contact Manager with any question or concerns