Manager/Condo Report – How to

Okay, so currently the manager’s/condo report comes in 4 files.  Nick’s report, David’s report, closed items and open items.  What I do is to use a free windows program called “PDFsam Basic” ( ). Below is a screen shot of how I basically place all 4 PDF’s into 1 file for posting to website.

This screen just shows the files in the directory


So when you start up PDFsam, you see the screen shot below

You will click the “Merge” button, then you will see:

What you will do is to drag and drop the 4 files.  I usually manually do each file so that I know what the order is.  Usually I do Nick’s, David’s, Closed items, and Open items.  So once you drag the 4 files, you will see this:

On the screen above, you can’t see it, but at the bottom there is a ‘Run’ button that you would press, see this:

The file will be placed in the same directory as your  4 files.  So you click ‘Run’, and you will see a message that it was successful:

At this point, you can close the program and the directory will show the merged PDF’s:

So in this case you would change the filename for Manager’s report ( 2021-FEB-05-CondoReport.pdf ) and upload the file to the website.